Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Asher Foods Catering

Well, as I have mentioned already I am starting a catering business.  Things have been slow going as to now to become an "official" business.  With the time that goes in to work, and to working at home watching Annabel, or just trying to help Lynsey (she may not know what I am talking about when I say that), finding time to form a new business is not easy.  Plus, I had the privilege of going to a Bible college (my choice) and not getting any business classes to even give me a clue as to what it takes to really start a business.  "Thanks Bible college!"  Anyways I have been reading and researching what I need to do and it is finally all coming to a point.  I now have an accountant, and am getting ready to finally incorporate!  So that being said, now I am just looking for business.  

I am excited about the prospects of catering.  For one I feel that I can bring something that a lot of caterers that I have had the experience of dealing with do not seem to have a lot of.  That is quality.  Now without going into specifics and actually bashing other caterers I will just say that in all of the food that I cook, I do just that cook it.  Meaning I take a raw product and apply heat to it to get a desired outcome.  I refuse to use ready made food and try to pass it off like I made it.  A monkey can heat up a frozen lasagna but it takes time and talent to make a good one from scratch.  Any sap can buy frozen, already pulled pork and heat it up, but it takes time to cook it and it takes a few burns on your hands to pull it when its done.  

I guess what I am saying is that quality is my number one goal.  I look at the food and the presentation, and if I would not be happy eating it, you are not going to eat it.  I am never going to ask you to put applesauce, and over cooked green beans on the same plate.  THEY RUN TOGETHER and the flavors aren't really designed to be mixed like that.  Now that being said, if you hire me and you want applesauce and green beans served at the same meal, fine.  However, I will refuse to overcook the green beans, and I will give you the applesauce in a separate bowl.  I hope that is okay.  

Anyways, I really am excited about food.  If you read through this blog I hope that you can see that in my writing.  I hope to be able to cook for you and give you a meal that not only you, but your guests will talk about for a long time.

And one final thing.  Chuck and Becka, who have commented on here a few times (thanks guys) and who I also made the dinner for (see previous post:  Dinner party for 10).  Are making up the logo for the company as I type, and are also making up pamphlets for me to hand out.  I want to say thank you to them, and I hope that if you are reading this right now that maybe it is because you picked up one of the pamphlets and are hungry for some good food. 

Good eating, 


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John and Heather said...

Hey, congratulations on the new business! I hope everything goes well.