Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Perfect Cheeseburger...well for what I have to use.

One of the things that I make most out at the camp, where I run the kitchen, are cheeseburgers.  Being a man, I love to grill.  I think it is a law in the "man-code" somewhere that all men have to like to grill, and when they don't like to I must assume that they must have done something in the past that has caused them to turn in their "man-card" and they have just given up on all things man.  Anyways, after a nice long run-on sentence, I digress.  

As the title says I think that I have what I consider the perfect cheeseburger.  Now, I am not going to tell you that you have to mix half sirloin with veal and some other expensive meat that you can only find in a gourmet market.  I am just going to tell you how to take a simple patty of beef, season it and grill it.

First, I use beef patties that have been shipped to me in a package of 60 that have been pre-formed and perforated to reduce shrinkage.  I use these because they are easy, and when I have to grill 200 hamburgers, I don't want to have to make each one by hand.  I throw them on the grill in their frozen state, which is nice because it means that you don't have to have the forethought  to thaw them.  I then sprinkle the up-side with Lawry's garlic salt, and Canadian Steak seasoning.  When the burger has cooked to the point of flipping I flip it.  Repeat seasoning for the new cooked upside.  Cook until desired doneness is near completion and top with cheese of choice.  By the way, so you don't think that I use burger patties that you don't have access to, you can use pretty much patty that you find at the mega-mart,though I will say that some are probably better than others.  If you want the ones that I use, you can go to a GFS Marketplace, if they are in your area, and they are the homestyle patties, 1/4 lb each.

I hope you are not disappointed that there is nothing else to it than that, but I am telling you that I haven't had one person tell me that they didn't like them, except for that one kid who got one that was pretty undercooked... I would have eaten it though, and he didn't deserve a good burger anyways.  For the effort, and time it is a pretty dang good burger.  

Next time:  Corn Salsa


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Tom said...


That sounds like a damn good cheeseburger. And your right, Men are required by some primal instinct to grill. I guess it comes from the discovery of fire?

Anyway, great post. Stop by my site and get your Authentic Man Card. Our mission is to issue every Man in the world their Man Card.